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MayDey has given me a manageable way to make changes without them being overpowering or too big to navigate.

Operations Expert, Management Consultancy

Carolyn’s really engaging and friendly style makes what could be an uncomfortable process feel safe.

Director, Management Consultancy

I was surprised by the results, I had a preconceived idea of where I should be focussing my attention, but on the deeper reflection that the [MayDey] course requires I realised that actually I needed to concentrate on more personal aspects of my life initially to then be fully prepared to move forwards with my career.

Finance Director, Manufacturing

I recently completed the Fathom Framework from MayDey and have to say how useful and practical I found the content. As a serial procrastinator it motivated me to face up to personal challenges in my life and to begin having honest dialogue with myself about what I want from my future.

Marketing Director, Construction

I’ve had the real pleasure of knowing Carolyn Hobdey for the last eight years and during that time she has clearly stood out from her competition.  Professionally, she is considered a very sought after individual, having worked and trained in blue chip environments – where expectations are high and require a high degree of intellect and capability.

Her warm engaging character and energy were clearly evident and she made a very positive impression on me during the engagement process – I have been fortunate to remain in contact with her ever since. Carolyn is an individual who I would describe as genuine, authentic and inspiring. Both professionally and personally, she has encountered significant challenge during her life and in my opinion has gracefully dealt with this, with dignity and passion.

In the time I’ve known Carolyn, I’m aware she has experienced many encounters where she’s had to take control and transition her life around. Her resilience and passion for life is clearly captivating and she speaks from the heart.

The many obstacles she’s faced have resulted in the creation of a stronger individual who faces tough challenges – head on! She has broader knowledge & understanding than most people on life experiences and in my opinion is a subject matter expert in relation to transforming lives.

Her ability to drive transformational change both personally & professionally is clearly recognised and she brings huge passion, creativity and understanding around this topic.

Carolyn brings a genuine desire to share her own personal experiences and I can’t personally recommend her enough, as she is clearly an inspiration to many.

Director, Executive Search Consultancy

Extremely professional, with a can do attitude, Carolyn’s leadership style is inclusive, pragmatic, and practical.
Carolyn is easy to work with and goes the extra, particularly when situations are difficult, to ensure understanding. Not one to shy away from the challenging and difficult issues, Carolyn has a proven record of delivering outcomes that work.


Internal Communications, Change & Engagement Expert, Banking Sector

The world today is one of constant change, exponential growth at astonishing rates, pandemics – how do or can we keep up? As human beings it is difficult, we have feelings, emotions and behaviours, which play their part in everything we do, every decision we make. Other people influence us too and it can be very tough at times.
That’s where MayDey can help!

It’s ok to ask for help, you may not recognise what help you need but know something is wrong.
MayDey founder Carolyn has ‘weathered her own storm’ and her empathy and genuine desire to help through difficult times is why anyone in need of rebuilding confidence, becoming self-aware or wanting to find their real self should give MayDey a shout!

Managing Director, HR Consultancy Services

During our time working together Carolyn has been a fantastic mentor not only to me, but also others.

Directors today need to lead by example and Carolyn displays great leadership with integrity, emotional intelligence, ethical behaviours and a willingness to challenge…[and] has a clear vision of how to develop  and bring out these qualities in others.

Three words that come to mind when I think and speak of Carolyn: ‘Principled’, ‘Supportive’ & ‘Inclusive’.

Compliance Director, Retail Sector

From a personal point of view I owe a debt of gratitude to Carolyn for a significant amount of help and mentoring she provided me… Her “second sense” for me and help was pivotal to me coming out the other side in a much better shape.

Although professional and robust when needed, she is very much a people person as well who is a good listener and also easy to listen to and was capable of effectively and sensitively communicating with anyone at any level.  Above all else Carolyn has a clear and powerful moral compass.

Group IT Director, Manufacturing Sector

To say that Carolyn’s talk was impactful does not do it justice – you could have heard a pin drop.  It was a brilliantly delivered, honest presentation that left the audience, myself included, with a lot to think about.”

Managing Director, Business Networking Company

Carolyn has gone through enormous turmoil both in her personal life and in her work life. She has got through this tough time with tremendous
determination and self-insight. Some of these insights have helped her to develop the nine-step Fathom Framework, which will help us with our own transitions and life journeys.

The timing of the launch of MayDey in 2020 is a great opportunity for a lot of us, as we all try to make sense of our lives in these very tough times.

Managing Director, Business Coaching Consultancy

I once said to Carolyn that I wished I could be half the woman she is. She is inspirational, a natural and truly kind people person. She was my boss, but is now a lifetime friend and I am proud to know her.

Payroll Specialist, Manufacturing Sector

The first thing that springs to mind when I think of Carolyn is passion…she puts her heart into everything she does. Her boundless energy and enthusiasm is borne of a real desire to help people make a lasting difference. However, this highly personable approach belies a steely determination and a never-give-up attitude, ensuring that she sees things through to the finish line, no matter how tough the going gets. Carolyn is also a real team player and working with her was infectious – illuminating, inspiring and best of all, fun!

Legal Director, Retail Sector

What has impressed me most about my interactions with Carolyn is her enthusiasm for the belief that everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life through articulating what they want, and helping them find the courage to go after it; for this her energy is infectious. She is searingly honest about her own experiences – both personally and professionally – that have shaped her thus far, but Carolyn speaks about her struggles and heartbreak with gratitude and copious humour. Not just another technical theorist, Carolyn is a ‘been there, done that’ living example of how human beings are flawed, adaptable and resilient. That she has developed the Fathom Framework to assist others facing changes in their lives is an example of her willingness to help and support others, to be generous with her insights, advice, time and access to her network.

European Transformation Manager, Digital Sector

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