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Do you need to identify what isn’t ‘quite right’ in your life?

Want to achieve happiness on your terms?

Would you benefit from a structure to help you get there?

Our online courses help you to do just that.

With a blended learning approach and the flexibility to work at a time, location and pace to suit you, our unique resources guide you through the Fathom Framework step-by-step to happiness.

MayDey. Helping you to navigate change.

“A valuable course if you have reached a stage in life where you know something isn’t right but haven’t previously had the courage, motivation or tools to address the problems.

As a serial procrastinator it motivated me to face up to personal challenges in my life and to begin having honest dialogue with myself about what I want from my future.”

Anon Male, 53

“The course is a really simple, well-structured way to rigorously assess where you are now, where you want to be and how big that gap is. It uses an emotive technique to uncover your real motivations, rather than what you think they should be. And Carolyn’s really engaging and friendly style makes what could be an uncomfortable process feel safe.”

Samuel, 31

“The course is extremely accessible, with full explanation and examples, but that’s not to say the course is easy to complete, it really reaches the essence of issues and challenges, but with Carolyn’s support these are brought into the light and various solutions constructed.

My personal results from the course are that I am more peaceful, content, happier and more able to articulate what I want and need from those around me. I have reduced the impact that negative influences have on my life and am therefore much more positive in my outlook in all areas of my life.”

Victoria, 47

“MayDey has given me a manageable way to make changes without them being overpowering or too big to navigate. Also, the concept of losing something to make a change has been hugely beneficial. Being OK with this loss has meant I am not paralysed or stuck in how things are.”

Andrea, 54

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