Carolyn spent over 20 years building a successful career in Human Resources. Throughout this time she took on progressively more senior roles whilst she was employed by some of the world’s largest companies and worked with some of the most internationally recognised brands.

Culminating in extensive experience of the business boardroom, Carolyn had acquired her expertise in transformational change through numerous practical projects and supported her knowledge with academic study. Finding herself frequently as the grit in the oyster, Carolyn was prepared to stand up for what was right.

Meanwhile, in the background, her personal life was a disaster. Built upon a fundamental belief that she would end up unloved and alone, Carolyn was caught in a recurring habit of toxic relationships that she allowed to fuel her lack of self-worth.

When life taught Carolyn a catastrophic lesson, she was forced to press the re-set button, not just on everything she had, but on the fundamentals of who she was. It was the start of a transformation that took everything she’d learnt about change in her professional life and applied it to her personal life.

And so MayDey began…

Read the extraordinary story of the life of our Founder and CEO, Carolyn Hobdey.

Carolyn writes with candour, humour and raw honesty about heartbreak, trying to ‘adult’, domestic abuse, premature menopause, childlessness, and personal tragedies.

In ‘All the Tw*ts I Met Along The Way’, she recounts how she was the very image of ‘success’ whilst silently screaming inside.

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