Our story

Life can be funny. Unpredictable. Cruel and surprising. It can be enlightening too.

Founder, Carolyn Hobdey, knows this all too well.

She’s been through tough times. Really tough. At its worst Carolyn learnt the hard way about real life. She learnt, despite the glittering career, the facade that screamed success and happiness, that life is often more complicated than that.

Stuck in a cycle of the same mistakes, her sense of belonging and meaning disappeared. She wanted to move forward. But how, when you’ve lost who you really are? When you don’t know where to turn?

Yet this story has light. Through trial and error. Reflection and determination. Carolyn weathered the storm. But more than that. From the other side, she had the perfect vantage point to view the journey she had taken.

The skills, structure and tools she learnt are the blocks upon which MayDey was built.

A unique business dedicated to helping you to navigate change and happiness you define.

Change For Good. Change Forever.

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