Fathom Framework

9 steps to happiness

Our Fathom Framework is unique. Like you.

3 Stages. 9 Steps. Happiness you define.

Designed to help you to navigate through change. Discover what matters. Find what’s missing. Sort what’s not quite right. Define your happy.

Be clear. Be You. Be happy.

Drawn from Carolyn’s years in Human Resources and honed by her years as a Human Being, the Fathom Framework is the ‘How To’ guide to specifying and achieving the life you really want.

It’s freedom from life’s ‘shoulds’.

It’s a life that you choose.

It’s permission to be authentically you.

In the first stage – ‘Calibrate’ – you face your life head on, identifying what matters, the issues you need to address and how to focus on them.

‘Crew’ is the stage where you reconnect with who you truly are and what is most important, as well as understanding who you have around you that either helps or hinders your success at being happy.

The final stage is ‘Commission’; it contains the tools to plan and start making the changes you want. It sets you on the course to success and provides strategies for handling setbacks.

Change. You bring the desire. We’ll show you how.

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