Life change, not out of a textbook, but learnt from real life.

Helping you to navigate change

Our unique Fathom Framework will identify what ‘happiness’ means to you and help achieve the life you really want.


Is something just ‘not right’?
Not sure what or why?
Start by stating what you want & identify what needs to change.


Lost sight of your identity?
Lacking momentum in life?
Reconnect with who you are.
Build your future possibilities.


Struggling to get started?
Scared about failure?
Establish an action plan, develop success habits & handle setbacks.

Fathom Framework: 9 Steps to Happiness

3 Stages. 9 Steps. Happiness you define.

Understand what you want. Eliminate barriers. Build support. Take action.

Define your Happy.

Icon All at sea

All at Sea
Where are you right now?
Assess your life to understand your current situation.

Icon Captain

Who are you?
Reconnect with what’s important to you and learn why.

Icon Building your boat

Building your Boat
Where do you start?
Creating an action plan and a success environment.

Icon Finding line

Finding Land
Where do you want to be?
Create a vision for what you want and why.

Icon Compliment

Who’s around you?
Understand your crew and whether they are rowing with or against you.

Icon Changes in weather

Changes in Weather
How do you know you’re succeeding?
Setting measures, gathering data and staying on course.

Icon Identifying rocks

Identifying Rocks
What’s the problem?
Gain clarity on the issues and what needs solving.

Icon Counter balance

What can you do?
Examine what options you have and how to assess them.

Icon New Horizons

New Horizons
How do you keep going?
Celebrating success, handling failure and moving forward.

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Read about the extraordinary life of our Founder and CEO, Carolyn Hobdey.
A blend of humour and heartache, personal and professional challenges, and success whilst screaming inside.

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Online courses

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Our retreat package is for you. Time to focus. Space to think. Take a deep-dive into the Fathom Framework and beyond. A holistic haven: mind and body.




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